Louise Gistrand.

Im a freelance designer working with brand identities, illustrations and art direction.

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My role:
Concept, design, copywriting

EQT Ventures︎︎︎

"On behalf of EQT Ventures, the teachers have selected a work that, in an innovative and humanistic manner, has dealt with the technology that both fascinates and scares us. By placing the individual at the center, this student has developed a tool that can assist in a very difficult situation. With her project, Minnesarkivet, Louise Gistrand demonstrates how design and art, with the help of technology, can become something vital."

Dagens Nyheter︎︎︎

MINNESARKIVET collects and visualizes the memories of people with dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Weekly conversations about their lives become stories, illustrated by AI and compiled into a personal and carefully designed book. The book becomes part of the person’s memory archive and acts as a support for relatives and healthcare professionals.

This project is my graduation project from Beckmans Collage of Design. 

Thanks to Kurppa Hosk, Bara Caisas and Lovengo for the financial support for this project.