Louise Gistrand.

Im a freelance designer working with brand identities, illustrations and art direction.

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My role:
Graphic designer

Made via Snøhetta Design

Images by OiOiOi

A collaborative research project between studioplastique and Snøhetta, with the aim of exploring the potential applications of recycled E-waste glass, lead to the development of the Forite tiles. Launching at this year’s Milan Design Week.

The brand identity was created by me and Mathias during our time as interns at Snøhetta. The overall focus on sustainability we developed a brand presence that communicates clearly and ensures a holistic expression. With a visual signature inspired by the universal recycling icon, no unnecessary use of colour and a slim mono typeface, the experience of Forite tiles go beyond the physical products.

Packaging suggestions

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Images from the exhibition at Milan Design Week.